Hsiao-yuan Lin

A nimble spirit and explosive force coexist in Hsiao-yuan’s body, which makes her an eye-catcher in the shows that she have participated. Her cheery and considerate personality has brought her a good relation with others. Her characteristics of being energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate also reveal in her dance, which mesmerized her audience. She graduated from the department of Dance of Taipei National University of the Arts. Worked as leading dancer in Water Reflection Dance Ensemble since 2006, and therefore she followed a tour in Colorado International Art Festival; In 2008, she participated in WCdance Company in the performance of ‘Small’ and ‘Small Puzzle’, the later one went to Off Festival Avignon in 2011; and in 2011, she joined Anarchy Dance Theatre and started with a experimental piece in Singapore named “22.5 Minutes — Subconscious Indulgence”. Along with Seventh Sense, she had been touring in China and Netherland.